April Network Meetings

Northern Illinois Network of Early Childhood Educators
-Concordia, River Forest 39th Early Childhood Conference: Friday, August 7
Keynote speaker: Kathy Hirsch-Placekick, a national NAEYC keynote speaker
30 sectionals with special “Lunch with an Author”: Ann Logan
Price- $110 (lunch included)
More information will be out soon on Concordia's website
-Position Available: Full-time preschool teacher at Rockford, Lutheran. Please contact: pblack@rockfordlutheran.org for further information
-Thrivent Action Teams: Live Generously: 

Topic: Positive Guidance of Young Children 

Ideas for guiding children positively: 
-Class Dojo:   https://www.classdojo.com (motivational online communication tool for teacher/parent specific for classroom management, behavior, attendance, etc.) 
-"Caught Being Good" programs/bulletin boards (promotes positive behavior throughout the entire school) App: http://www.caughtbeinggoodapp.com/
-Yoga classes/breathing and stretching techniques to assist in lower anxiety and stress
-Parent education classes to discuss the topic of positively guiding young children. Make the experience fun! Have a breakfast before school or meet at a restaurant for dinner. 

Useful Websites:

Book Resources:
-101 Principals for Positive Guidance with Young Children, by Katharine Kersey and Marie Masterson
-What to Do When: Practical Guidance Strategies for Challenging Behaviors, by Eva Essa
-Blue Clues Frustrating Day
-Timmy the Turtle Hides in His Shell
-Bibliotherapy books aide in a variety of issues with young children (behavior, separation anxiety,etc)
*Have a "Book Breakfast" with teachers and parents to discuss a book you are reading!

                                   Early Childhood Centers of the Month! 
Shepherds Flock, Arlington Heights 

Immanuel, Belvidere  


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