Northern Illinois District: Early Childhood Rockford Network Meeting
Thursday, March 19, 2015

School of the Month: Concordia, Machesney Park  

New Starts, New Believers
1        1.       Ministry stories were shared about how Jesus was working and alive in these centers.  

2      Legal questions for the next NID Administrators Conference were solicited for possible inclusion in their next meeting at Concordia University.  As individuals have other possible legal questions, please forward them to Mike Zimmer at the NID office or Julie Klopke: 
a.       A  family is going through a messy divorce case and one of them ask you to testify for them in court.  Is it a good idea, best practices and/or necessary to do it? 
       Featured Topical Discussion:  Fund Raising and Development Ideas
1            Magazine Sales:  Easily done and can be done online easily all year long.               
a.       School using this fundraiser: St. Peter Arlington Heights
b.      Website:  (Great American Opportunities)

2.    Upscale Resell-It Shop: 
              a.          Takes time to set-up and needs strong determined leadership
              b.         Serves as a ministry to the community
              c.          Can work great with  other collaborative ministries
              d.         Volunteer and witnessing opportunities
              e.         Can be a large scale income producer
              f.           School using this ministry fundraiser: St. Peter, Arlington Heights
              g.          Website:

3.    Butter Braids
a.      Sales immediately before a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Easter
b.      Easy  to sell but sometimes people forget to pick them up and then you have to find
          freezer space to store them.
b.      School using this fundraiser: Christ the Rock, Rockford

4.    Coupon Books
            a.      Easy to implement
            b.      Often 100% profit
            c.       School using this fundraiser: Christ the Rock, Rockford

5         5.    Sponsoring School Supplies: “Bee Helpful”
a.      In-house effort to purchase the needed school supplies for the classrooms so everything is provided and unified with the same product.
b.      Sample theme:  “Bee Helpful” : have little bees on a wall  with each one listing a very specific school supply which is being requested.  Church and school families/individuals can sponsor one or more of these supplies by taking the “bee” and purchasing the exact supply.  Gift cards to such stores as JoAnn fabric, Michaels, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc can also be requested for use throughout the year with other supplies
c.       School Using this fundraiser: Christ the Rock, Rockford

6.    Dinner Auctions
            a.      Gift Themed Baskets with items donated by families
            b.      Class made gifts auctioned off
c.       Parents often very easily motivate to purchase items since it directly benefits their child and their class.
d.      Often a dinner banquet is included in the evening
e.      Strive to always communicate where the money is going and people will be more willing to participate and bid higher
c.       Schools using this type of fundraiser: Immanuel Belvidere, Rockford Lutheran, Concordia Machesney Park, St. Peter Arlington Heights

7           7.    “Race for Education”
a.          Doesn’t involve “sell items”
b.         First year costs: 20% of the profits and no costs in subsequent years
c.          Involves individual filling out postcards with the names of families and friends.
d.         School using this fundraiser: Immanuel Belvidere and many other         Rockford/Belvidere
e.         area public  schools
8.    Scholastic Book Fairs
a.          Teachers can fill out “wish lists” or pick out books and place them in baskets on a table and families can purchase these books for the classroom libraries.
b.         Schools using this fundraiser: Immanuel Belvidere, Concordia Machesney Park,  St. Peter Arlington Heights,
9.    School Store
a.       Individuals can make online donations to sponsor school supplies for a particular teacher/school.
b.      Teacher must use the donated funds for supplies on this website
c.       Great way to earn free school supplies but the selection of supplies is limited and somewhat pricey.
d.      School using this fundraiser: Concordia, Machesney Park
       10.   Selling Tickets to area hockey games
a.      Rockford Ice Hogs- example
b.      Families sell tickets to the game and earn free items; school earns a portion of the ticket sales
c.       Invite classes to sing at the hockey game and even more tickets are sold.
d.      Great publicity event for the school
e.      School: Rockford Lutheran Academy, Rockford
e.      Rockford Ice Hogs-

         11.   Art Project Items
a.       Art museums online which focuses on  and celebrates every student’s  artwork
b.      Teachers can scan art work made by the students and send it to one of these companies, who will offer it to parents for sale on mugs, tote bags, etc.  Percentages of the profits go back to the schools
c.       Schools using this fundraiser: Concordia, Machesney Park, St. Peter Arlington Heights
d.      Art to Remember-
e.      Artsonia -  (St. Andrews, Park Ridge)

          12.    Cookie Dough
a.       School using this fundraiser: Immanuel Belvidere

          13.     Barnes & Noble Book Fair event
a.    Could do a field trip to the store during the day
b.    Could be an evening event for the whole family
c.     Teacher serve guest readers throughout the event
d.    Can have student groups perform/sing/read
e.    Can hang student artwork in the store
f.     Great P.R. event for the school
g.    Schools using this fundraier: Concordia, Machesney Park, St. Peter Arlington  Heights, St. Andrews Park Ridge

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