Meeting 6

Santa's Village Update:

I will be sending the tickets for your school families the week of April 21. Please let me know if you do not receive them by April 28.  There will be a note for you to send with each family/staff person regarding a few reminders for the event.  NOTE: TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE PARK. ALL PEOPLE ENTERING THE PARK WILL NEED TO HAVE A TICKET (EXCEPT CHILDREN AGE 2 AND UNDER.  I will be sending each school a handful of extra tickets. If you have further attendance interest, use these tickets and have families either write a check made out to NID and mail it to my school address or, they can bring the check to the park and give it to me personally.  I will not be able to give any additional tickets beyond what is going to be mailed.

Meeting 6
Preschool of the Month: Zion Lutheran Preschool, Ottawa

This month, we ventured out to Ottawa to visit director Sue Roberts and the Zion Lutheran Preschool.  Their pastor opened our meeting time in prayer and Sue's school committee made us a home cooked meal!  It was exciting to visit Sue's school and I was impressed with how the staff highlighted their "growing" spring theme all over the school in so many different ways! 
Our topic for April 10, focused on "Special Needs."  As many of you know, this topic is very board. Here are a few special needs discussed: 
-Food Allergies
-Speech & Language
-Severe Disorders 

Listening Center: Ten Little Caterpillars 
A few resources suggested: 
-Marie Masterson's "101 Principles for Positive Guidance with Young Children"
Marie will also come and talk to schools in the area regarding child behavior. 
-Julie Klopke highly recommended the following special needs service company:
Please contact Julie for further questions regarding this service. She also handed out a folder filled with great information from the Mobile Therapy Services. We can bring folders to the next meeting if requested. 
-Behavioral Needs:
-Multiple Therapies:
-Lutheran Special Education Ministries:

???Question to think about???
 How can promote confidence in our teachers as they talk with parents of children with special needs? 

       We are looking for new schools to host our director's meetings next year! Please let me know if you are interested (we will even have a little prize for those who host!).  We will keep the same format/agenda for our meetings in the 2014-2015 year, However, we will start our meetings with a "New Starts, New Believers" story from any schools that would like to share how they are seeing connections with Christ from students, families, and staff.  
        This discussion let us to further sharing the importance of how we are praying for and with students and families in our schools.  Directors mentioned praying with families before parent-teacher conferences, prayer walks, and prayer boards.  Also, pray with your staff where families can see! Let them know that we bring our needs and blessings to Him. 
         We will also be looking for new topics that directors would like to discuss. 
          Lastly, we have a few preschool positions open in our district for the upcoming school year. If you know someone who is looking for a job, please let me know and I would be happy to share what great opportunities are available! 
         Please plan on attending the next director's meeting held on May 15 at St. John's Wheaton, as we go forth with preparations for the Network Meetings for 2014-2015.  

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