Meeting 3

Important Change: The "Accreditation" topic in April will be moved to February.  "Special Needs" will be our topic for the meeting in April. 

Greetings blog readers!  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to make my monthly post, the holiday definitely caught up with me! Between putting together an Early Childhood Thanksgiving Feast for over 250 people and hosting Thanksgiving in our new home this year, I was holding off on writing this post from the November 13, meeting held at Trinity Lutheran in Burr Ridge.
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Jesus Time! 
Thanksgiving Projects
Nature in the Classroom

November 13, 2013
Topic: Assessment

The following are a few assessment tools discussed: 
-DIBELS (For more information on DIBELS visit:

-Shared videos of child working on skills in the classroom
-Checklists or rating scales

-Student work (journals, projects, etc)
-Every other month draw a "Me" picture
-Anecdotal Records
-app: ChildFolio 

Special Needs Services: 
-Mobile Therapy Services:
-Easter Seals:
-Multiple Therapies:
-Behavioral Issues:

     Some of our directors shared that they send home a form for parents to complete before school begins. This form allows the teacher to gather further information the child.  The following are a few items from questionnaire forms: 
-I see my child's area's of strength as...
-I would like to discuss or have information on...
-I feel that my child needs to develop skills in...

Helpful book:  Six Simple Ways to Assess Young Children, by Sue Y. Gober
Helpful websites/blogs:

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