Meeting 3

November 14, 2012
St. Philip, Chicago

Topic: Marketing

Social media marketing is currently one of the most popular and essential ways to promote your school.  Also, building a social media presence gives you unparalleled access to your existing school families.  Here are a few social media resources you can use to enhance what you are already doing: (Hootsuite is a social media management tool that manages multiple social profiles) (This website is a "guide" to social media marketing with various free downloads) (You can publicize your program/school on pinterest! Click on "About" and "For Businesses."

Additional tips:
*Make sure your school/church website has links to all social medias including facebook, twitter, youtube, google+, etc.
*Send home a onesie with expectant parents that say, "Future student of _____ (insert school name)" E-mail Joe Vasquez at for shirt/clothing prices.
*If you are on facebook, be sure to be consistent with your updates (at least once a day!)
*Enrollment forms should be sent out early enough.  Consider sending out your materials before Christmas break!
*As families come in to visit your school, give the child a book to keep.  In the book attach a sticker with school contact information.  Inexpensive books can be purchased through Scholastic as well as point earned for free books.
*Start using QR codes (Quick Response) on your materials.  QR codes take you directly to school website once a person scans the symbol.
*Send out Christmas postcards with picture of school and or kids/church/staff.
*Community outreach programs: Invite those in the community to your non-school time events. Some programs include fall parties, Christmas parties, literacy classes, and open houses.
*Be sure to publicize your events and information! FREE: Go the Daily Herald online newspaper online. On the top of the page next to the social media offerings, click on "Send your News, Photos, and Events."  Newspaper delivery is decreasing as more people are reading their daily news online!
*As an administrator, are you on LinkedIn? You should be!
*Check out what LCEF has to offer in regards to marketing. I personally use these marketing materials and would be happy to bring in samples of their pamphlets and brochures:
*Lastly, use your own kids to market your school!

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