October Early Childhood Programs of the Month!

St. Peter, Arlington Heights

Alpine Academy, Rockford

1.         Upcoming Conferences/Events           
o   ELEA “IGNITE” Conference in Norfolk, Virginia Feb 14 – 16, 2017      
(for both early childhood & elementary)  http://www.ignitespark.org/
o   ELEA Early Childhood Directors Bootcamp:  Dates TBA  April 2017?
o   University of Wisconsin- Whitewater Early Childhood Conference  April 7 & 8, 2017  http://www.uww.edu/ce/camps/other-camps-events/ecc
o   Immanuel, Belvidere’s “Literacy Fair” -  February 16, 2017.  This year it will feature Eric Litwin, author of the Pete the Cat books.  There will be three different time sessions for this year’s fair.  They invite the our NID EC network schools, area public schools, daycare centers, homeschool families, etc
o   Concordia University Early Childhood Conference    August 4, 2017
            Sectional presenters are needed.  Contact Doris Knuth at Concordia (708-771-8300) or Donna Tennis at St. Philip Lutheran School, Chicago 773-561-9830
2.         Comments on “fellowship fundraisers” at area restaurants:
o        Area schools have had good experiences with the following restaurants/organizations:
·         Buffalo Wild Wings (Alpine Academy)
·         Beef-A-Roo (Alpine Academy)
·         McDonalds (St Peter, Arlington Heights & Immanuel, Belvidere)
·         Ice Hogs Hockey (Alpine Academy)
·         Race for Education (Immanuel, Belvidere
o        Area schools have not had the best experiences with the following restaurants/organizations
·         Barnes & Nobles (Immanuel, Belvidere)
·         Chuck E. Cheese (St Peter, Arlington Heights)

3.         Spiritual Nurture Ideas:

a.         (Alpine Academy)  Great children’s Bible resources: Rhyme Bible Storybook Bible   by Linda Sattgast (They use it to introduce the story as well as set the stage for dramatic play of their Bible stories)

NIV Beginners Bible with accompanying DVD  (great for classroom and chapel use) 

b.         (Alpine Academy)  They use the “GOSPEL”  acronym a lot                                 







c.         (Multiple Schools) Discussion of Chapel Formats:

            1. Only preschool classes: 1-4 times per month; lead by teachers, pastors, DCEs, youth leaders; 15 – 20 minutes in length

            2.  Early Childhood Chapel-  preschool – 5th grade  (St. Peter, Arlington Heights) once per month; lead by teachers, pastors, DCEs, guest speakers;  20-30 minutes; kid friendly litanies & songs; Music videos,

            3.  Elementary & Early Childhood Chapel:  (Immanuel, Belvidere, St. Peter Arlington Heights) preschool through 8th grade; lead by teachers, pastors, DCEs, guest speakers; weekly k-8 or ps – 8

            4. Other chapel related discussion: -“Chapel Champion”-  Someone on staff who dedicates some interest, technology, and  innovation into the formation of the chapel services so they are can be “the high point” of a child’s week at school (St. Peter, Arlington Heights)

d.         Other Spiritual Nurture discussions:

            1.         The use of the “Noah’s Ark” story due to the violence of the many deaths.  It is helpful to emphasize the Gospel promise that God gives his children through this story.           

            2.         Memory Work- Each school had varied amounts of memory work in the early childhood grade levels.  Keep it simple; limit to one more unit or month

            3.         Dealing with families coming into your school with non-Christian backgrounds and expectations.  Be sure you are upfront with them verbally, on your website, and in your written materials about your faith based environment, activities, and curriculum. 

            4.         More shared resource materials shared:

            (St. Peter Arlington Heights)  “Here I Stand” Martin Luther , “Flat Stanley” like  puppet (originally from the recent LEA Convocation)

            (St. Peter, Arlington Heights)  Spiritual Nurture dictation activity for use 2-3 times per year with young children  

“__________________ shared about Jesus on ________________” 

(Students dictate their thoughts, feelings, knowledge about Jesus to the teacher who writes them down.  Students also can draw pictures to go with these thoughts, too.  These sheets are shared and compared with parents at Parent-Teacher Conference times.

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