Last Rockford Meeting of 2014-2015!

Christ the Rock Preschool, Rockford
Announcements & Business:
1. Plans for 2015 – 2016
   - Meet monthly on a rotation at a variety of Lutheran EC centers/schools in the Rockford Area
    -Prefer Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:30
·         We will follow the topics as decided by the east region EC network
·         Topics suggested by the east region were discussed and affirmed as great topics for next year:
o   Assessments/screenings/ portfolios/conferences
o   Handwriting
o   Accreditation
o   Safe Centers (Erin’s Law)
o   The Challenging Child- The Challenging  Family
o   Guest Speaker- Marie Masterson
o   Enhancing Your Classroom Centers
o   Missional Outreach to Families (Special Events)
·         Additional topic suggested :
o   Balancing between Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the high expectations for academics by parents/  The trickle-down effect of academics
·         Melissa and Julie will work together on these topics and scheduling schools to host the meetings.    Mary Cannon from Rockford Lutheran will work with them to make some connections with the Rockford area schools, especially once a framework is set up in the east region network. 

2. Job Posting
    - Rockford Lutheran is looking for a full time preschool teacher and a full time Elementary Librarian.  Contact Mike Rottman at Rockford Lutheran

3.  Other announcements
    -Rockford Lutheran has a upright piano to donate to a good home.  Free delivery.  Contact Mary Cannon at Rockford Lutheran
    -We recognized Sue Breuer from Immanuel, Belvidere, who is retiring at the end of this school year.
    -Melissa Smith has accepted the Early Childhood Coordinator position at Concordia University, Chicago.  She will be replacing Patti Hoffman, who is retiring and moving to LasVegas
    -The Concordia University Early Childhood Conference will be held on Fri. August 7, 2015.  Early registration will be $110 for everyone who registers by July 16.  Here’s the link for more information about the conference:
4. “Safe Schools” sharing time:
    -The “Safe Church” website, ( )which is sponsored by Guide One Insurance is extremely helpful with safety procedures, checklists, and topics.  It is kept very current with these items and can be used by schools even if they do not carry the Guide 1 Insurance.  If you do have their insurance and use many of these items on this site, it could help reduce your school’s insurance costs.  Christ the Rock, Rockford, has used this site and information very effectively through the years and highly recommends this website, program and insurance.
    -Immanuel Belvidere shared about their 2 buzzer system door along with some safety grants through the state of Illinois which assisted them in purchasing locks and walkie talkies.   They also shared their challenges and concerns about student safety when on field trips and the playground when the public has more access to their students.
     -Rockford Lutheran talked about some customized pieces that were put on their locks to assist with locking the rooms from the inside of the classroom.  Here is a website that has similar type magnetic pieces  Discussion also took place about where lock downs take place in buildings and the DCFS guidelines for classrooms without locks on them, which creates difficulties for “hard lock downs”. 
    - St. Peter Arlington Heights shared some of their Protection Ministry forms and procedures, which were developed in conjunction with Willow Creek Ministries.  Samples of these forms are being attached to these notes.  A discussion about “Crisis Management Flip Charts” which are used at St. Peter also took place.  These brightly colored flip charts are displayed in all classrooms, offices, and any other room throughout their building near their doorways.  They cover their procedures for fires, tornados, weapons, hostages, lockdowns, earthquakes, and bomb threats.  They also include sample emergency reports, checkpoint assignments, exit assignments and maps.  For a sample of one of these plans, please contact Julie Klopke
    -Tour of Christ the Rock Preschool, Rockford
-Half day 3’s and half day 4’s
-A Ministry of Christ the Rock Lutheran Church, which has been in existence for 25 years
- Preschool Staff: Doreen Peters & Susan Harde
-We toured their classroom, which was thematically decorated and filled with lots “bee” projects, materials and decorations (see photos below)
- Encouraging comments were also made about the many “little people” signs which are posted by the main church/school sign, as well as the entrance to the building.  They were very welcoming and inviting and showed that the ministry cared about children.

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