School of the Month: St. Peter, Arlington Heights

Our first meeting of the 2014-2015 school year began at St. Peter Lutheran Church & School in Arlington Heights. God has richly blessed St. Peter with an additional preschool wing this past year.  Below are a few pictures! 


Thank you to Mike Zimmer for starting our first meeting of the year with a beautiful devotion. 

       At our meeting Thursday, September 18, we were honored to have speaker, Dr. Rebecca Schmidt, Associate Director of Schools from the Office of National Mission, LCMS. 
       Any school that attended our first network meeting received a free copy of the "In His Hands" manual! Manuals can still be purchased. Please let me know if you would like a copy.  
        "In His Hands" is a manual for: 
-Beginning ministry 
-Expanding ministry
-Improving ministry 
          It is a great resource for figuring out how things should go in an early childhood center, what it should look like, and the components that are needed to have a successful program. 
          After Dr. Schmidt's presentation, we broke up in small groups and were given "mock" questions in which each group utilized the "In His Hands" manual to answer the questions and share with one another. 
           We thank Dr. Schmidt for her dedication and the work she is doing for our Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Schools. 

       Mark Lachmann, Thrivent Representative, spoke at our meeting informing us about a wonderful new opportunity from Thrivent Financial.  Want to do something positive to strengthen your community? Think you can organize a team to help bring it to life in 90 days or less?  Thrivent Action Teams are member-led projects-fundraisers, one-time service activities or educational events- that can be completed within 90 days. First, identify an unmet need in your school, then apply online for resources to jump-start your project. If approved, you could receive up to $250 in "seed money" to help cover promotional, production, and material expenses.  Visit the following website for further information: 
Please contact Mark with any further questions: 

Lastly, the following is our meeting schedule for the 2014-2015 school year. We hope you are able to make as many meetings as possible! I will send out a reminder and RSVP information               a week or so prior to each meeting. 

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