Meeting 6

Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center
Hinsdale, IL
Topic: Reggio Inspired and Music Together Preschool

Presentation on the Reggio Emilia EC model (by the staff of Zion, Hinsdale)
1.     Basic Assumptions of this model:
Ø The environment is the 3rd teacher
Ø Based on an education system from a small town in Italy.
Ø The child is very capable and respected.  They should be encouraged to think and grow.
Ø Everything has a learning story.
Ø Collaboration is encouraged.
Ø Curriculum emerges.
Ø Documentation is very important.  Process and product are incorporated into the documentation.
Ø The program is family focused
      2.       Reggio applications at Zion Lutheran, Hinsdale: 
Ø Teachers are given ½ day per week to work on documentation
Ø They use it in a half day format program, but they find that it would be easier to apply in full day programs.
Ø Documentation books were shown and explained
Ø Great question that the teachers use with the students to promote inspired, process oriented learning:  “What do you think?”
Ø A Power Point presentation was shared with examples of Reggio projects completed this school year in Zion’s many classes from 2’s to 4’s.  Peggy Farrell, Zion EC Director with the Zion teachers narrated the slides.  The projects covered areas of interest that the teachers either noticed in the children (young grade classes) or they voted for (older classes).  Such projects included pineapples, ocean, animals, buildings/construction
Ø Zion does also include instruction and supplemental activities with ABC’s, numbers, Jolly Phonics, and “Handwriting Without Tears” for their preschoolers in addition to the Reggio activities.

For further information on the Reggio Emilia model visit Peggy's school website at:

Additional Topics and Information Discussed:
-The Danielson Evaluation model will be the topic of the first NID Administrators Conference at Concordia, Chicago held on September 17.  Dr. Patti Hoffman will present the early childhood version of this method.

-If a school would like to do an online survey through the NID, there is only a few months left to go before that service will no longer be available through the district office.  Word of Life, Naperville has used this system and had great participation with their parents completing the survey.  It produces some great data regarding school climate for their center. Contact Reed for further information on the survey.

-I have already received some positive feedback from schools near and far from Santa's Village who are interested in our first annual NID Preschool Celebration. I will be sending out further information about the set date, etc. as soon as I receive the surveys.  I am not concerned with meeting the minimum cost requirement. By the time I book the event with Santa's Village, I will have already collected the fees from each attending school. Once a date is set and the event is publicized, if we do not have enough families registered, we can still back out without a monetary penalty.

-The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 10 from 4:30-6:30p.m. at Concordia, Chicago in the Christopher Center near the corner or Augusta and Monroe.  Vistor parking is accessible either at the CU parking garage near the corner of Bonnie Brae and Division or in the alternate visitor parking lot near the CU library of Bonnie Brae and Division or in the alternate visitor parking lot near the CU library on Augusta Blvd. Topic for the month: EC curriculum models.  Bring ideas/ samples of what you use in your center.

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