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Word of Life Lutheran Preschool in Naperville

Meeting 4

We had a great meeting in Naperville at Word of Life Preschool on February 1.  Our topic for the evening was entitled "Family Involvement." 

For those of you who were unable to attend, I shared a powerpoint about parent involvement that I created when I presented at LEA last year.  I am happy to send you an attachment with the powerpoint if you e-mail me at: 
The powerpoint has some great links, resources, and ideas.  I challenge you to try one new family involvement event from the powerpoint  before the end of the school year!

A few other ideas for involving families in your school:
-Read the book, The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine. This would be a great book club topic about how parental pressure and material advantage are creating a generation of disconnected and unhappy children. 

-Popsicles in the Park: This is a great opportunity to invite families to the school during summer for a few hours of fun in the park.  If this event is hosted during the summer, it allows you to stay connected with your school families during the long break. 

-Used Book Sale: Parents can donate books.  Charge $1.00 for adult books and fifty cents for children's books.  Bring any left over books to the Half Price Book Store.

-Check out Noah's Ark Animal Workshop:
*Put together your own stuffed animal.  Donate the toy animals and support a good cause (ex: Phil's Friends). 

-Block Night! Take out all the blocks in your center and bring them into the gym area.  Invite parents and children to enjoy building and playing together!

Aside from the topic of Family Involvement, a few other fun bits of information:
-SNEAK PEEK: Concordia Early Childhood Conference will be held on Friday, August 10, 2012
-Are you on Pinterest?   
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which allows you to organize and share all the of the things you find on the web.  Our directors have spoken highly of this idea as it has been beneficial for educators.

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