Meeting 2

Topic: Assessments

     During our second meeting, each person shared the ways that they are assessing the young children at their school.  The following are a few assessment tools mentioned:
-DIBELS (For more information on DIBELS visit:
-Shared videos of child working on skills in the classroom
-Checklists or rating scales
-Student work (journals, projects, etc)
-Anecdotal Records

     Some of our directors shared that they send home a form for parents to complete before school begins. This form allows the teacher to gather further information the child.  The following are a few items from Zion Lutheran's questionnaire form:
-I see my child's area's of strength as...
-I would like to discuss or have information on...
-I feel that my child needs to develop skills in...

Helpful book:  Six Simple Ways to Assess Young Children, by Sue Y. Gober
Helpful websites/blogs:

Preschool of the Month: Immanuel Lutheran School in Palatine



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